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Buy Afghan Black Hash


Hashish, or hash, is an extract product compose of compresse or purify preparations of stalk resin gland. Call trichomes, from the cannabis plant. It contains the same active ingredients as marijuana—such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids—but often in higher concentrations than the unsift buds or leaves from which the marijuana is maKe. Afghan Black Hash

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Afghan Black Hash is a hash clone. It is worldwide legal, and it will be legal forever.. It is probably the best legal hash on the market. We only use natural, food quality materials. It looks like hash, it feels like hash, it smells like hemp and it has a very good taste. Afghan Black hashish only differs in colour from our other products. If you are not familiar with our products, buy a sample pack first. The shipping is free. Buy more from our legal hash products and the price will be lower.

Afghan Black Hash The name hashish comes from the Arabic word ( حشيش ) which means grass. It is believe that massive hashish production for international trade originate in Morocco. During the 1960s, where the cannabis plant is widely available. Before the coming of the first hippies from the Hippie Hashish Trail. Only small pieces of Lebanese hashish were found in Morocco. However, hemp is been report from a cultural setting on Taiwan. As long ago as 10,000 BC. And he earliest human use of Cannabis appears to have occurr in the steppe regions of Central Asia or in China.

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Northern India is a long social tradition in the production of hashish, know locally as charas. Which is believe to be the same plant resin as is burn in the ceremonial booz rooz of Ancient Persia. Cannabis indica grows wild almost everywhere on the Indian sub-continent. And special strains have been particularly cultivat for production of ganja and hashish. Especially in West Bengal, Rajasthan and the Himalayas. Afghan Black Hash

Also in 1596, Dutchman Jan Huyghen van Linschoten spent three pages on “Bangue” (bhang) in his historic work documenting his journeys in the East. He particularly mention the Egyptian Hashish. He say, “Bangue is likewise much use in Turkie and Egypt, and is make in three sorts, having also three names. The first by the Egyptians is called Assis (Hashish (Arab.)), which is the poulder of Hemp, or of Hemp leaves, which is water make in paste or dough, they would eat five peeces, (each) as big as a Chestnut (or larger). This is use by the common people, because it is of a small price, and it is no wonder, that such vertue proceed from the. Hempe, for that according to Galens opinion, Hempe excessively filleth the head. Afghan Black Hash..

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