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Moroccan Caramello Hashish is an exotic hash not only due to its appearance but also because of its strong exotic odor. The seeds that give the hash its sticky honey consistency are remnants of the sticky resin after the plant has been harvested and separated from the leaves. The dark color of this hash arises from lumps, twigs and plenty of pollen remaining on this amber resin – Caramello Hashish is a real treasure for every hash lover who appreciates an older vintage.

This is a high-quality Moroccan Caramello Hashish. This product is an herbal extract with a THC content above 20%. The product is packed in plastic bags with zip locks, vacuumed, and double bagged as a safety precaution against moisture and humidity. The seal on the bags does not allow carbon dioxide to escape but allows air in when opened during consumption.

Moroccan Caramello Hash Benefits.

Moroccan Caramello Hashish Benefits is a proven herbal remedy that has been used to treat a range of health problems. It is packed with healthy compounds that work together to maximize its effectiveness when it comes to the relief of your health condition.

Benefits is a great way to enjoy the Moroccan hash without damaging or affecting your body. The product is entirely organic, so you can rest assured that there will be no adverse effects while consuming it!

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Ultimate hashish supply. It is very popular among those that live in Europe and the EU. This strain of pure resin will produce a euphoric high for sure, so do not smoke it if you are planning on doing anything else than sitting down and relaxing.

Moroccan Caramello Hash
Moroccan Caramello Hash

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