Hashish (hash) is a preparation of powdered or granulated resin collected from the cannabis plant. Has been in use for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Hashish may be either solid or semi-solid; pressed into grams squares and sealed in air-tight bags. Today, pressing it into cubes is common, for easier handling.

It is a soft drug made from the resin of the cannabis plant. It is usually smoked in a water pipe (or bong). There has been some controversy about smoking hash, as the smoke may contain carcinogenic chemicals.

Hash benefits.

The benefit of hashish is that it does not have the harmful side effects of other medicines and it can also be used for pain, nausea, multiple sclerosis, and a lot of other conditions, as it relaxes the patient.

Let’s focus on the benefits of hash. through all this smoke, we begin to see benefits, especially in countries with more restrictive cannabis laws to help fight certain diseases. For example, in many places where cannabis is illegal, it is still tolerated by law if used for medicinal purposes. In these cases, the plant material is usually mixed into some other type of food or drink, along with other ingredients like milk, or added to beverages such as tea.

Types of hash.

Hash is made from the resin, oils and resins taken from the marijuana plant. This is separated into three types, the first is referred to as “honey”, followed by amber, and lastly dark. The hash honey has a light, golden brown colour and has been sieved into a powder. Its main sources are from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Al Hakeem Hash has a light to dark brown colour and sometimes can be sieved or powdered. Its main source is from Morocco, however, Holland supplies most of the world with this type of hash. Dark hashish can be up to ninety percent THC and has a deep black color that kind of resembles tar in looks. It’s produced mainly in Morocco, although some is supplied by neighbouring European countries such as Holland.

Hash is a concentrated preparation of dried and pulverized parts of Cannabis plants. Hashish is the resin extracted from the Cannabis plant. There are many different types of hash, which are distinguished primarily by their color and globule size. [10] White, golden to light brown colored: Lightest and most common type, sometimes called pollen hash or “fine powder.” It appears dry, crumbly, and easily broken apart. Black, dark brown: Soft to hard in texture with black spots. Looks similar to charras. Dark red or Purple: Appears as a solid block or brick. Pink or Red: Soft, solid, reddish-brown-colored hash is known as “reddy” in West Coast states like California.

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