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White Runtz strain of cannabis is a rare sativa landrace that originated in Thailand. It is a simple medium height strain grown with White Widow in mind to make a crossbreed which is both quick growing and dense.

The White Runtz strain is a sativa dominant hybrid has the unique ability to produce both an uplifting, mentally active and a mentally relaxed high. In other words, it can provide you with a functional buzz that stimulates social behavior while helping relieve anxiety and nervousness.

It is a marijuana strain that is loved for its fast flowering period and heavy resin production. This strain is perfect for growers looking to save time, especially the newbies who don’t want to wait too long before harvesting a full crop. A great indoor strain, this cannabis variety will flower in 7 weeks from seed and have a THC content of around 19%, which is below average for sativa-dominant strains.

White Runtz Benefits.

White Runtz is a hybrid strain of cannabis, a cross between an Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. It has been praised for its ability to ease body pains and help patients sleep.

It is a strain of marijuana that takes the physical and mental highs to the next level. It provides a great cerebral high that is uplifting, energetic, and upbeat. Its THC content is very high, so be careful if you have low tolerance levels.

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The strain is ideal for medical patients looking to receive an indica high. This variety originated in BC, Canada, and delivers a potent mix of THC and CBD. The strain flowers between 8 – 9 weeks, and is medium-large in size. This strain has a sweet aroma, with hints of lime and citrus coming through.

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White Runtz
White Runtz

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