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Temple Ball hash is a Sativa-dominant strain, meaning it gives its users happy and energetic highs that can last up to four hours. Its aroma is earthy with a slightly sweet and spicy overtone that’s highlighted by notes of sour fruit. You’ll immediately feel yourself warming up once you smoke this bud, providing you with enough energy to get your day started or help you get some extra chores done before bed.

Temple Ball hashish will often be made using two different strains of marijuana, this creates an end product that is more balanced, with a cleaner taste and little to no smell. Temple Ball has a golden-green color, can be broken apart easily, and crumbles between your fingers. It comes on very quickly and lasts for hours at a time. The effects are very calming and relaxing, perfect for social or creative projects but not so great if you need to get anything done.

Temple Ball Hash Benefits.

Temple Ball hashish Benefits is one of the most well-known and sought-after hash smokes on the market today. Known for its creamy, sweet taste and softness, Temple Ball is a popular option among connoisseurs. This strain is often recommended to medical cannabis patients; it has been used to treat a wide range of conditions, including nausea caused by cancer treatment or other illnesses, depression, stress, and general pain relief.

Hashish is a concentrated marijuana extract that also contains the plant’s flowers, stems, and seeds. The flowers are separated from the hemp plant using ice-cold water and then hand-rolled into balls by experienced manufacturers. This process is called “feeding” and it takes about 1kg of dried cannabis to get 1 gram of hashish.

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Our hash is a combination of different types of hashish with a broad mixture of different types of flowers, herbs, spices and other ingredients. Temple Ball Hash has a unique pliable texture when properly pressed, making it easily moldable into any preferred shape or size.

Temple Ball Hash
Temple Ball Hash

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