RAW Hemp Oil Drops – 300mg CBD + CBDa (3%)



RAW Hemp Oil Drops – 300mg CBD + CBDa (3%).

RAW Hemp Oil, an all-natural supplement, features 300mg of CBD (cannabidiol) and CBDa (cannabidioidal) – one part cannabidiol and one part cannabidioidal. This unique blend gives you the benefits of both parts of the hemp plant, helping to alleviate a variety of ailments. Its formula of organically grown hemp oil, pressed at low temperatures to preserve all the naturally occurring nutrient profile, keeps contaminants out while providing 285 actual servings per container.

First, you have the convenience of taking your hemp oil drops sublingually without having to deal with the taste and mess that come with tinctures. Second, you are getting a batch of food-grade (human grade) 99.3% pure CBD-rich hemp oil and natural CBDa from our trusted Colorado hemp farmers; nothing more, nothing less. After all, we care about what you’re putting in your body as much as you do! If it’s not good enough for yours, it isn’t good enough for ours.

RAW Hemp Oil Drops – 300mg CBD + CBDa (3%) Benefits.

Our RAW hemp oil drops are non-psychoactive, and feature a full-spectrum profile of active cannabinoids. Each 1ml serving contains 300mg of cannabidiol plus 1.6mg of cannabinol, or CBDa. The hemp used is grown completely organic and biodynamically in Slovenia, where it is processed into an extract that is 99.8% pure, without the use of any solvents. Not only do these drops taste great, they will help to reduce inflammation and may help with a variety of ailments including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, insomnia and epilepsy.

Give your body what it needs with our complete, all-natural hemp oil drops. Made with our proprietary CO2 extraction process, this highly concentrated formula offers over 300mg of cannabinoids per drop. From the seeds to the stems, these time-honored hemp plants are non-GMO and pesticide-free. Our hemp is grown organically without chemical pesticides or herbicides. When these high CBD industrial hemp plants are extracted, the remaining plant material can then be used for other purposes.

No additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients or flavors here – just hemp extract rich in CBD and CBDa with a hint of natural mint. That’s it. Our concentrated CBD Hemp Oil is the perfect way to take just one drop at a time. A little goes a long way:)

RAW Hemp Oil Drops – 300mg CBD + CBDa (3%) For Sale.

RAW Hemp Oil Drops are made with Organic Certified hemp oil, grown locally in Colorado. Our hemp oil drops have 300mg of CBD, one drop equals one serving so three drops is equal to three servings. Drinking hemp oil orally allows for the fastest absorption into your system, and we’ve provided an easy dropper for your convenience. We use a 3:2 ratio of CBD to CBDa from certified organic raw hemp oil extract.

Our hemp oil is 100% naturally sourced from non-GMO hemp, grown on family-owned farms in Colorado. Our team of expert botanists and chemists source our hemp oil from the flowering tops of the plant, where phytocannabinoids and coffee flavonoids – both potent, natural antioxidants – are present. Our high-CBD and full-spectrum phytocannabinoid hemp oil products are made with organic and clean ingredients, ensuring a safe and clean product every time.

RAW Hemp Oil Drops can be taken directly in the mouth or mixed into your favorite beverage. Contains hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD, CBDa, and dozens of other phytocannabinoids. No preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Organically grown and hand-crafted in small batches for the highest purity and quality.

RAW Hemp Oil Drops
RAW Hemp Oil Drops



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