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Nepalese Stick Hash: This is a selection of our most popular Nepalese block hash, also known as “stick hash” which is not pressed into slabs like most other hashes, but more like coconuts in size and consistency. The sticks are hand-made individually with only the best quality pollen harvested from their gardens. This batch has achieved 93% THC with just 4% CBD.

A pure form of hashish that is derived from the cannabis plant, Hashish is a concentrated resin extracted from the plant through various methods. It is traditionally pressed and formed into bars or balls for easy transport, but can also be smoked in one large stick (or “rope”), rolled into individual cigarettes called joints.

Nepalese Stick Hash Benefits.

Nepalese stick hash is more potent than other forms of hash because it contains a greater concentration of active chemicals. It also has a higher level of THC than most other cannabis products, making it very popular amongst marijuana users. The high from Nepalese stick hash is immediate and long-lasting, offering smokers a clean high with an expansive cerebral buzz.

Nepalese Stick Hash is an exceptionally smooth and flavorful high-quality hash that can be smoked in a pipe, rolled into joints or added to a bong for intense effects. Nepalese hash is also known as “Red Psilocybin” hash, or “Golden Teacher” and is one of the best types of marijuana concentrates.

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Buy Nepalese stick hash online is one of the purest forms of cannabis available today, and is a popular recreational smoke. It is super easy to grow, so if you have some land at your disposal, then this could be the perfect opportunity to grow your own high quality drugs at a low cost. Our wholesale price on stick hash is as low as $150 which means you can turn every dollar into 100’s and 1000’s! We have New York City’s largest selection of marijuana items for sale including BHO (Butane Honey Oil), Hash Oil, Wax, and One-Hitter Pipes. We also carry pipes, grinders, rolling papers, lighters, books, and more!

Our Stick Hash is a prime example of the quality and purity that you can expect from us. Producing Nepalese Hash for our customers has been a passion for us and we take pride in providing consistent quality products that people love. Our bales are made from only the highest grade buds, stalks, fan leaves, and trim on the market, which are then thoroughly washed before it goes through our industrial roasting process.

Nepalese Stick Hash
Nepalese Stick Hash

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