Moon Rock Blueberry Pre Roll


Moon Rock Blueberry Pre Roll, contains 51% THC, and 5% CBD keif added.



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Moon Rock Blueberry Pre Roll is a pre-rolled cannabis joint filled with top-shelf marijuana flowers and premium Moon Rock strains. With these Moon Rocks, you’ll enjoy an intense high that starts in the head and spreads throughout the body bringing relaxation with it.

Moon Rock Prerolls is made from a strain of marijuana called Blueberry. These pre-rolls are high CBD, and low THC making them great for medical usage and perfect for patients who want to experience great taste without being high.

Moon Rock Blueberry Pre-Roll Benefits.

Moon Rock Blueberry pre-roll is the perfect relaxed and steady cannabis experience. Containing 2 grams of excellent quality loose pre-rolls, its interior has been masterfully filled with a blend of potent sticky Moon Rock flower, and tasty blueberry flavor. As you inhale the smoke from this pre-roll you will immediately notice how calm your mind and body down. This sensation keeps getting better as you exhale through this delicious bluish flavored smoke.

Moonrock Blueberry is the latest in a long line of pre-rolls that offer a unique flavor experience. It’s a blend of great tasting flowers from the Moon and washed blueberry buds from across the country. A sweet pineapple smell with a hint of pine will fill your nose as you light up this 100% all natural strain. Enjoying these feminized nuggies will take you on a mental journey to another world where everything makes sense, nothing hurts, and killer munchies are never far away!

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Buy Moon Rock Blueberry Pre Roll Online. The smell and taste of blueberry is an experience you can have anywhere you are, just to unwind, or relax and enjoy your time. Our Moon rocks Blueberry Pre Roll is perfect for those who don’t like smoking traditional cigarettes or want something they can enjoy in all their favorite places. Before you know it you’ll be falling in love with the sweet smell, effects, and strain of our moon rock blueberry pre-roll.

Purchase Moon Rock Blueberry Pre Roll Online, or full spectrum extract is a thoughtful combination of the most popular cannabis strains. This blend represents a harmony of Sativa, hybrid, and Indica to bring forward each of their best traits.

Moon Rock Blueberry Pre Roll
Moon Rock Blueberry Pre Roll


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150 in a pack, 250 in a pack, 30 in a pack, 65 in a pack


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