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Exotic Carts are an essential part of any vaporizer pen collection. Featuring 5 coals per cartridge, these Exotic Cartridges provide quality, consistency, and luxury for the at-home user. Exotic boasts the best vape cartridges in the industry, with gourmet flavors such as Strawberry Creme and Mango Blast. These cartridges are economically sized to be taken on-the-go; make sure you’re never too far from a sweet snack or dessert!

These exotic cartridges come from all over the world, and when you’ve tried them, you’ll be saying “exotic” too—in a good way! Available in mini and disposables for use with your favorite vaporizer pen. Exotic Cartridges come in a variety of flavors. Pucker up for one today!

Exotic Carts Benefits.

Exotic Cartridges is the first fruit flavored premium cannabis oil you can blaze in a vaporizer. This sweet, fruity vape juice has been perfected to have a smooth draw and bold taste without too strong of a marijuana flavor. Every hit tastes as good as your favorite desert with 25mg of THC per cartridge, Exotic Cartridges is the quickest and most discreet way to get high.

Are you ready to experience the benefits exotic cartridges have to offer? Say hello to richly-flavored and aromatic tobaccos. Our exotic cartridges unleash a world of sensational flavors. Priced affordably, they are perfect for sampling this new, delightful smoke experience. Paired with quality halo® e-liquid, they are sure to provide an unrivaled smoking experience.

Exotic Carts For Sale.

Exotic Cartridges are a very unique way to spice up your smoking sessions, both literally and figuratively. Our cartridges all come in glass vials, packed alongside your favorite type of herbal blend. This ensures that you’ll be getting the most out of your exotic cartridges in every session. The blends themselves are made with high-quality organic and/or wildcrafted herbs and spices, and we use natural, food-grade ingredients that won’t burn or affect the taste of your product.

We are proud to offer an exquisitely unique line of Exotic Cartridges. These cartridges come in a variety of flavor profiles and a wide array of nicotine contents. Each cartridge is filled with the absolute finest ingredients grown, extracted, and bottled in the United States.

Exotic Carts
Exotic Carts


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