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Evolab Chroma Cartridge – 500mg is a set of six color cartridges that are designed to be used inside the Chromo printer. Each cartridge lasts for 50-100 liters and contains 100% organic pigments. The chroma cartridges produce brighter prints than regular white ink and work in combination with either the Evolab Chromo or a UV LED light source.

The Evolab Chroma cartridge combines the advanced filter technology of the H2Om filter with the natural alkaline minerals in a Carbon/Bromide cartridge to produce exceptionally pure and healthy water. The chromatograhic printout is an easiest way to troubleshoot your Water Ionizer.

Evolab Chroma Cartridge – 500mg Benefits.

Evolab Chroma Cartridge – 500mg are available in 18 different CBD and THC formulations, seven licensed cultivar-specific terpene profiles engineered from hand-selected cannabis flowers, as well as our new zero-percent terpene pen for wellness enthusiasts looking to skip the high. Filled with either a syrupy full-spectrum oil that looks and tastes like a freshly broken open nugget or infused with proprietary microdosing technology for easy consumption at any time of the day, enjoy all the benefits without the mess or guesswork.

BENEFICIAL FOR: Chronic Pain, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, and PTSD. Evolab creates additive-free CO2 products that are clean and pure. Made entirely from our own proprietary blends of all-natural terpenes and free of harmful additives like PG, VG, PEG or Vitamin E acetate. Our Chroma disposable cartridge can be consumed until the oil is gone.

Evolab Chroma Cartridge – 500mg For Sale.

Evolab Chroma Cartridge – 500mg For Sale. Evolab brand, made in the US with quality materials. Ships from California USA within 24 hours of order placement. The Evolab Chroma cartridge has been replace by the new Evolab Top-Tier coil, please see that product on our menu for more information. We are currently running a sale on the original Chroma cart and atomizer head (see link below). This sale is due to many customers telling us they like the “feel” of the original chrome cart better than it’s replacement.

Use of advanced chromatography and Particle-Elimination Technology(P.E.T.) developed by Evolab Inc. to effectively remove all harmful substances from water. P.E.T.’s true innovations: Advanced ultrafiltration membrane, submicron hollow-fiber cartridges, in-depth patented methodology and unparalleled test results prove that Chroma is the ultimate water purifier for virtually any kind of bottled water or city-supplied tap water with a taste and odor problem, whether or not the contaminants are known.

Evolab Chroma™ Cartridge - 500mg
Evolab Chroma™ Cartridge – 500mg



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