Clear Glass Cylinder Cartridge


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Weed Clear Glass Cylinder Cartridge Quality borosilicate glass.

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Clear Glass Cylinder Cartridge Vaporizer utmost convenience for individuals on the go. Its size and unique design allow for easy travel and discreetness. The cylinder has a capacity of approximately 0.4+ grams but can be expanded if necessary with the Flexi straw piece. The stainless steel heating element warms up instantly and is activated by a bright LED light placed visibly on the front of the unit. Each cartridge comes pre-filled with our famous distillate, ready to use when you are.

The Clear Glass Cylinder cartridge is 75% pure and incredibly smooth, with a super-clean taste that’s bound to impress. Easy to fill and easy to install, this smokeless alternative lasts longer than other brands – so you can enjoy an amazing vaping experience for longer. With no tar or ash, it’s easy on your mouth, too. From the best vape pen atomizer on the market, Halo Purity Cylinder cartridges are so good, that you’ll be thinking about them even when you’re not using one!


Clear glass cylinder cartridge is a cost effective and convenient solution to the refillable. Vaporizer users love the convenience of one-time use cartridges that are sold pre-filled with their favorite oil or juice. These are perfect for first time medical marijuana patients or recreational users that want to sample a variety before deciding on their favorite brand. Refillable clear glass cartridges are impossible to break, however sticky resin clogs the atomizer quicker than you’d think, meaning more replacements than you actually need. Vape pens with clear glass cartridges are becoming more popular as benefits and vape pen technology is created to avoid the common pitfalls of smoking devices.

It comes in various sizes and strengths to meet the needs of any type of e-cigarette battery, With easy-to-read numbers representing the size and voltage, these cartridges are much easier to use than their black cartridge counterparts. They can also be refilled using most syringes to help cut down on costs.


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We take Pride in all of Our Clear Glass Cylinder Cartridge for your water-based vaporizer pen for sale. We provide

the best in glass cartridges, containing only the finest high purity carbon pharmaceutical-grade clear medical grade plastics. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality cartridges possible.

Clear Glass Cylinder Cartridge
Clear Glass Cylinder Cartridge


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