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Chronic Carts are made from an industry standard 510 threading for compatibility with most pen vaporizers, glass bowls and glass stems. The stainless steel threading is downstem-less for easy cleaning; simply rinse or add rubbing alcohol for a quick and simple cleanse. Chronic cartridges are the latest concentrate cartridge system to enter the market by Fumé, the pen vaporizer experts. Chronic brands themselves are sure to give you a smooth and incredibly flavorful vaping experience all the time!

Whether you been rolling for years or just exploring the possibilities of your first bong purchase, Chronic Cartridges deliver smooth, reliable hits when you need them most. Each little glass recycler is loaded with top shelf alternative to expensive smoke shop cartridges. 100% natural and organic filtration allows the true taste of your cannabis strain to shine through, giving you an experience that tastes as good as it gets.

Chronic Carts Benefits.

Chronic Cartridges provide the same high-quality cannabis oil that you have come to expect from our award-winning vape pens, but with a hassle free filling system. Simply twist off your old cartridge and twist on a new one! With 200mg of potent cannabis oil, these cartridges pack a punch, so be sure to find the strain that is right for you.

Good for: Chronic, or chronic medical cannabis use Bipolar disorder Epilepsy Persistent Pain P.T.S.D. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Chronic Carts For Sale.

Convenient, discreet and available in a variety of flavors and strengths, Chronic cartridges are perfect for on-the-go vaporizing. Chronic Cartridges also allow you to vaporize without having to carry bulky and tricky to use pens, for those of us who live busy lives, it’s the perfect solution.

ChronicLab cartridges, our newest addition to the lineup, is a 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol cartridge that delivers the most consistent vapor, pure taste, and quality experience compared to all other cartridges in Lethbridge. For those looking for a change from the nicotine-based Chronic cartridges and are open to a lower (0%) nicotine option.

Chronic Carts
Chronic Carts


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