Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls (THC 50 mg)




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Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls (THC 50 mg) is a delicious and potent treat. These brownies are a great way to get the effects of cannabis in an easy-to-consume form. At 100 mg of THC per brownie, these marijuana edibles will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. With gluten-free ingredients and no added sugar, our brownies provide a safe way to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis.

A sweet and pleasant chocolate fudge brownie, masterfully infused with THC. A variety of terpenes enhance the experience of this cannabis edible, giving it a fruity, earthy aroma and taste. These cannabis edibles can be consumed whenever the user wishes to feel the effects. The buzz from this brownie is characterized by a gradual onset, which then progresses over time into a more intense high.

Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls (THC 50 mg) Benefits.

Coconut Bliss Balls are the most heavenly combination of chocolate and coconut. They contain a subtle, delicious kick of cannabis that will leave you feeling happy and ready to take on the world. Eating THC-containing foods will get you high, as well as have less noticeable processes such as anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties.

The Cannabis Infused Edibles products are like no other on the market. They are baked goods, shipped fresh from a bakery – not the back room of someone’s cubicle. We do not skimp on ingredients in any way, shape, or form. All of our cookies, brownies, and fudge pops use high grade flowers, over 30% butter, and real vanilla extract. We do this to give you the complete medicinal benefit that you desire and deserve.

Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls (THC 50 mg) For Sale.

Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls (THC 50 mg) by Bliss Edibles are a delicious CBD-infused treat that will leave you with a calming sense of euphoria. Each bliss ball contains 50mg of THC, 10mg of Cannabidiol, and all the great flavors of coconut and chocolate! With only 7 calories each, these Cannabis infused treats are a healthy way to indulge in the best marijuana has to offer.

Ever since our shop opened, people have been asking us “How can I buy Magic Fudge Brownies (THC 50 mg) online?” Now we have an answer! We are now shipping the Magic Fudge Brownies to medical marijuana patients in states where medical marijuana is legal. Please note that if you live outside of a state where medical marijuana is legal, we cannot ship the Brownies to you until your state passes legislation allowing for dispensaries.

Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls
Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls

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