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CBD Hemp Additive contains over one hundred cannabinoids. Our CBD Hemp additive is 100% THC free, and available in a range of competitively priced strengths for you to choose from. It’s formulated to work with any e-liquid, and we recommend adding it directly to your favorite e-liquid in the ratio that best suits your unique needs.

The most versatile hemp extract product you can buy. For years the only way to enjoy CBD hemp extract was to smoke it. That’s why we made Hemp Direct™ with a delicate flavor derived from real fruits. Take ours to your favorite bottle, or add it to any drink, smoothie, or food – even cooking oil or hot chocolate! Enjoy Hemp Direct™ and change the way you think about CBD hemp extract.

CBD Hemp Additive Benefits.

CBD Hemp Additive is a perfect base and functional addition to your own favorite CBD recipe. It is a 100% natural, proprietary blend of ingredients specially engineered to be a potent additive to any CBD product.

Specifically designed for use with e-liquids, this CBD hemp additive is made from high-quality organic CBD hemp oil. This concentrated liquid will give you the potency you are looking for. Just add a few drops to your favorite vape juice, or mix it into your vape tank (additional amounts may be needed for tanks with higher resistance). CBD hemp is safe and legal in all 50 states in the US.

CBD Hemp Additive For Sale.

Our CBD additive is an easy way to make your favorite e-liquid or other CBD oils. Perfect for mixing with your favorite liquid in your tank, simply add it to your current setup and enjoy. With a concentration of 100mg per bottle, this additive has a higher concentration than most other products we offer.

100% All-Natural Nutrient Added. (Non GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free) Made from pure hemp extract with a 1:1 Cannabidiol to Terpene ratio, this nutrient is an excellent additive for any plant-based nutrient line. It is recommended that you start at half the recommended dosage in your solution and increase until you have reached the results that you have been looking for.

CBD Hemp Additive
CBD Hemp Additive


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