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CBD eLiquid, Contains no THC, Certified CBD concentration. CO2 Extracted naturally from it’s source.



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CBD eLiquid is utilized by vaping. CBD is non-psychoactive, which means consuming it will not cause you to feel high as opposed to THC. Our CBD eLiquid contains naturally enhancing terpenes for the individual flavors, making for a smooth, delicious experience. Each bottle contains 30ml of our pure hemp extract at 1000mg CBD. Because there is no THC in CBD, our products have no side effects like the “munchies” that you would feel if you consumed medical marijuana.

These CBD eLiquids are free of the chemicals found in regular cigarettes and use CBD derived from organic hemp to give you a healthier smoking alternative. All of our eLiquids have an option for nicotine-free vaping and can be vaped on any standard electronic cigarette device. Our CBD eLiquids offer peace of mind without the harmful additives associated with traditional cigarettes.

CBD eLiquid Benefits.

Relax and unwind with our CBD e-Liquid. Available in Strawberry Sherbet, Peach, Apple, and 100% Pure CBD, our e-liquid is always made from the highest quality ingredients available. No artificial flavors here. Our vape juice contains all natural fruit flavors and is never diluted with water. We make all of our CBD e-Liquid in house in small batches to ensure quality control; each batch is tested for quality and consistency before it’s shipped out. Come try a bottle of CBD today!

A healthier alternative to smoking, (CBD) is an all-natural, non­-addictive option for experiencing the relaxing effects of Cannabidiol. Whether a beginning vaper or a long time fan, our vaping liquids are made with the highest quality ingredients. A naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant, CBD has become a popular alternative to traditional pain and stress relievers.

CBD eLiquid For Sale.

At Cannabisgreenbuds, our flavors are described as best as we can in a very informative and enthusiastic tone. Our flavors are bold and tasty! We focus on creating the best CBD eLiquids available. Here at CBD Vape Shot, we take your experience seriously. Many of our customers use CBD for relief of aches and pains associated with common ailments and diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Pain Syndrome and Arthritis. We want to offer them something that will not only taste great but also provide them with tremendous relief from a variety of symptoms.

CBD eLiquid
CBD eLiquid

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