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Runtz OG is produced by the premier cannabis cultivation company in Colorado. The flower is comprised of over 80 percent Indica that delivers a very clear headed, relaxing high making it perfect for relieving stress, getting sleepy, and munchies. Runtz OG was originally developed for those who suffer from insomnia and pain due to the more sedative effects of Indica strains and it has medicinal attributes.

In fact, many users have found this strain to be extremely effective at treating chronic pain, migraines, nausea, and lack of appetite. Runtz OG is currently preparing to open its retail locations and can only be purchased in adult use dispensaries for now. They offer pure flower as well as edibles and concentrates including vape pens, pre-rolls, cartridges, CBD oil cartridges, and even topical salves.

Runtz OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain and a cross between Afghan Kush and Ghost OG. It has a unique aroma that’s earthy with hints of lemon and pine, along with a signature OG fuel aroma. With THC levels above 20%, this potent strain offers consumers a relaxing, heavy body sensation that promotes total body relaxation while slowly and gradually creeping into the consumer’s mind. Medically, It is often prescribed for patients suffering from chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

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Runtz OG is an indica dominant strain originally from the Los Angeles area. There, it was a staple in the genetics of many famous strains and is known for its fast flowering, high yields and above average potency. When growing Runtz OG you can expect a short, bushy plant with an intense earthy kush aroma. In fact, our tester named this strain as one of her favorites during our grow-out tests after learning it had been originally bred in her favorite city. We hope you enjoy this humble offering from Little Amsterdam Seed Company and please take the time to review all information concerning this strain, including flavor and effects.

Not all cannabis (marijuana) is created equal.  Our unique crafting process ensures that Runtz OG is the richest and fullest potency.  Runtz OG is highly effective and extremely high quality, with a powerful aroma and taste that only the most discerning can truly appreciate.

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Buy Runtz OG online here at Green Light Districts online marijuana dispensary.   The Runtz OG strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain.  This strain has a pungent, earthy aroma and taste with a sweet aftertaste.  THC levels are high at around 25%.  This strain is moderately potent, and is best for treating anxiety, pain relief and nausea.

We set out with the aim of making a strain better than anything that came before. We took landrace Golden Goat genetics from the mountains of Colorado and crossed them with the legendary Chem Dawg D, combining two chemotypes for a mind-bending high. Cannatonic was put in to reduce some of the harshness of Chem D and give it an extra boost at relieving stress and anxiety.

The resulting batch gave off enormous resin crystals and a lemon and pine scent. The aroma is reminiscent of fresh pine needles with subtle hints of tangy citrus to remind you of its origins in the Rockies. The Indica dominant hybrid has a heavy body effect that leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the day.

Runtz OG
Runtz OG

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