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Runtz Carts are designed for the smoker who wants to add a new dimension to his or her barbecue experience. Use Runtz Natural Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes as a fuel source for your grill to create a wood-smoked flavor with no added chemicals or additives.

Runtz cartridge are the new and alternative way to use aroma systems. With so many people using essential oils for personal, as well as for business, there was an alternative needed. Runtz has taken the initiative to be that alternative. Runtz is just as easy to use, but with a smaller candle cup that eliminates the need of screwing and unscrewing the cup itself. Runtz uses ALL-NATURAL soy wax, and therefore, with every use you recycle.

Runtz Carts Benefits.

Runtz Carts refills are the easy, affordable and safe way to refill your existing vaporizer cartridges. Our high-quality proprietary blend of natural, tasteless and odorless ingredients comes in a variety of flavors such as tobacco, menthol, red hot cinnamon, cherry vanilla and blue raspberry.

Runtz cartridges carry 30ml of E-liquid and are available in 6 different flavours. Not only do these cartridges produce a better taste but having larger cartridges means that you get more cigarettes per cartridge.

Runtz Carts For Sale.

Our cartridge are made from 100% USA-made high-quality cotton and are organic, chlorine, dye and latex-free. Each of our cartridge flavors has been formulated and tested in collaboration with some of the biggest names in the vaping community to bring you the most amazing flavors in e juice.

For almost twenty years, our respected supplier has devoted all its activity to designing, manufacturing and selling an exclusive range of filter cartridges under the Runtz brand: a full range designed to satisfy users’ requirements in an increasingly demanding world.

Runtz Carts
Runtz Carts


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