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Pink Runtz weed strain is a stunning bud with exceptionally high THC counts and a legendary sweet-and-sour smoke. This potent strain has several characteristics in common with classic cannabis of the 1970s, when India weed varieties were initially crossed with sativa herbs in the quest to cultivate powerful new forms of pot. The result was an abundance of crossbred strains displaying unique properties, including Pink Runtz’s spicy, musky aroma and sweet-and-sour taste. It’s no wonder that it is rapidly becoming popular—especially for people who want to get really stoned.

It is a strong Indica-dominant strain that tends to lean towards the physical and sedative effects, making it best for nighttime relaxation. Those new to cannabis might find this strain contains more than it can handle, but the seasoned smoker will appreciate its creative energizing buzz yet smooth and relaxed body high. A cross between Kushage and KC Brains Pink Kush, It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 5:2 CBD: THC ratio.

Pink Runtz Benefits.

Pink Runtz Weed Strain is famous for its amazing ability to focus and energize without the harsh side-effects or drowsiness that other strains have. Many also report an increase in sociability and sense of humor, making it the perfect strain for a Saturday night out or a weekend painting class (where you might find your “inner pink runtz”).

If you’re looking for a strong indica that can put you to sleep, but with great taste and effects, look no further. It is a great weed strain that won’t fail to meet your needs. As the name suggests, it produces light pink flowers. The aroma and flavor of the smoke are sweet, with berry and citrus undertones. The high is dreamy with a nice body stone and is perfect for nighttime use.

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Pink Runtz weed strain is a mostly Sativa hybrid cross of Pink Kush and OGKB. These flowers are larger than most, with longer calyxes. They have a strong lemon pungent odor and taste along with a slightly sweet smooth flavor. The buds are light in color and covered in crystals that sparkle when held to the light. These flowers are beautiful.

Pink Runtz marijuana strain is a new cannabis hybrid bred specifically for ladies. This popular marijuana bud was created in 2010 by The Cali Connection. This crosses the potent Purple Urkle with a mysterious South African Sativa, resulting in a potent THC content of 19%. This weed strain derives her name from the beautiful pink hairs protruding from this Indica-dominated hybrid bud.

Pink Runtz
Pink Runtz

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