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Gruntz is a private strain that cannot be found in any seed banks, you have to get it from us directly. It has a very strong fruity smell and taste of pineapple and mango. It doesn’t have the highest CBD content, but it is a very easy plant to grow since it doesn’t need much attention or care. It grows short and wide, with hard compact buds.

This is a hybrid strain with the potential to reach heights of 20 feet and produce monster buds. This strain produces intense grapey aromas that are sure to get you noticed at the next grow-op meeting. It seeds should be kept in the dark until germination, then mature plants need 18 hours of light a day in order to truly blossom.

Gruntz Benefits.

Gruntz is a sativa dominant strain that delivers both a cerebral high and strong body sensation. This’s lineage consists of Ice Head Orange, G13 Haze, Purple Haze, and Trinity. It has been described as one of the “most beautiful” plants to grow according to international cannabis judge Jason Rayner. This cannabis strain produces all around excellent yields with an indoor flowering time of 9 weeks and can produce yields as high as 175 grams per meter squared (1138 grams per plant in a 42 liter pot).

A classic strain for those on the go, it is a sativa-dominant hybrid developed at Reserva Privada. Easy to grow and yields big, our Gruntz seeds produce a high-energy strain known for its gratifying effects.

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This, a terpene-phenol rich hemp strain, is available in our online store. Terpenes are aromatic oils that give cannabis’ complex flavors. The strain is high quality, grown completely organic in one of Colorado’s newer state-certified facilities, and produced sustainably with a cold-filtration extraction process.

It is a massive hybrid with an equally oversized personality. Those looking for a heavy hitting indica and an uplifting Sativa, need to look no further. It combines the best qualities of both world-class strains to leave you satisfied in every way. This strain will fill your senses with its complex aroma, and make you smile with its rich flavor as big clouds of smoke slide down your throat. Whether you are medicating with Gruntz Alpha or smoking it for pure pleasure, it will not disappoint.


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