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Grand Daddy Purple Seeds is Sativa and Indica of ratio 70% to 30%, Sativa dominant THC Level High at 17% – 19% CBD (Medical). Medical Conditions: Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Pain. Medicinal Properties includes Appetite stimulation, joint pain relief, insomnia, nausea, and migraines.



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Grand Daddy Purple Seeds is the amazing and famous strain that, after years of winning awards, is finally available in feminized form. Due to its hybrid nature, G.D.P. will tolerate a wide range of growing conditions with ease, delivering large yields of quality buds that are very sticky and extremely potent. The high it delivers is one of a kind with a powerful but relaxing body stone that has been described as like being wrapped in warm blankets on a cold winter’s night! There are many stories about how this strain came to be called Granddaddy Purple; but what no story can tell you is how wonderful it smells! Grapes mixed with berries and cream – truly unique and utterly delicious!

Grand Daddy Purple Feminized has a Low Height (100/140 cm – 39″/55″) and Yield High (±550 gr/m² – ±19 oz/11ft²) with a Flowering period Average of 65 days. Growth Climatic Conditions: Sunny / mediterranean Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical.

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds are a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. These cannabis seeds have a strong scent and an earthy taste, with a fruity aftertaste that is not too overpowering. It is important to note that the growth of these marijuana seeds will depend on the conditions in which they are grown.

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds Benefits.

The Granddaddy Purple (aka GDP) is a classic and legendary strain. This award-winning indica strain has been a fixture of the West Coast’s medical and recreational cannabis scene ever since its inception by the Bay Area Patient Group collective in the 1990s. A legend in the medical community, this strain got its name from its colorful hue and sweet-tasting smoke that’s sure to appeal to your palate.

Granddaddy Purple (GDP) is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle, both very potent pure indicas. GDP grows into a large bush with large leaves and big flowers. The smell of GDP is sweet and earthy while the taste is similar to its smell only much more intense. The typical effects of Grand Daddy Purple are extremely stoney yet it still allows for clear thinking. It has been proven to work well as a treatment for insomnia, depression, and other forms of mental illnesses.

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Buy Grand Daddy Purple Feminized Seeds online today! You can buy Grand Daddy Purple Feminized Seeds online from The Original Sensible Seed Company. This is one of our most popular feminized cannabis seeds, known for producing large yields of very potent cannabis plants with a unique sour-lemon flavour and aroma.

Our Grand Daddy Purps is a very potent marijuana strain that is named after its distinct purple buds. This rare Indica dominant hybrid is hugely popular in the United States and comes from California, where it was created. Granddaddy Purple is known for its relaxing and sedating effects, making it an excellent choice for evening use. The smoke can be described as tasting smooth, sweet and somewhat fruity so if this sounds right up your alley then check out our seed store today!

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds
Grand Daddy Purple Seeds

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