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Ether runtz is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and White Widow. It’s a high THC strain. Ether runtz strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that is primarily a mountainous buddhist temple, covered in frosty trichomes. This is a Himalayan strain from the Runiz mountains (elevation roughly 2900 meters). The land of “Soma” cultish legend. This is some of the finest cannabis available anywhere. Horny to the god’s stuff. The Somalians are master pot farmers who have been cultivating highland cannabis for thousands of years.

The Etha runtz strain of marijuana combines pure indica potency with a high-speed, fully-flowering phenotype. The result is a strain that is ideal for medicinal users because it provides potent physical effects without causing sedation. With an average THC content of 15% and a CBD content of 0.7%, the strain delivers an immediate high that is strong enough to relieve pain and stress while producing a case of giggles.

Ether runtz Benefits.

Ether runtz is a sativa-dominant strain. For many medical consumers, the ethereal scent is almost pure indica while its heady high leans more toward sativa. This strain delivers full-body relaxation, euphoria and energy, making this strain well-suited for both daytime and nighttime use.

This strain has a very clear and well balanced trippy/up high, coupled with a long lasting body stone. The mood is a little ‘foggy’ which can lead to laughing fits. Great for parties or on a day long adventure outdoors. While most people report this as a purely an outdoor strain (for the aforementioned foggy effects), it also can be beneficial indoors if you want the mind expansion without too much physical sedation.

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Ether runtz is a marijuana strain that will have you feeling nice and relaxed. As soon as you start to come down off of your high, your mind will be filled with relaxation and you will feel your body get a nice and heavy feeling. As the night goes on, it becomes harder to think straight, but feelings of relaxation and numbness are common. If you become paranoid while high on ether runtz, it is best to put on some music or try to do something you enjoy — this should help bring you back down from the high.

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Ether runtz
Ether runtz

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