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Buddha’s Hands Runtz is a unique and powerful hybrid cannabis strain that can be traced back to a controversial parentage from California. This flavorful cannabis sativa plant produces dense, light green buds, usually with a hint of purple in their final few weeks of flowering. Buddha’s Hands Runtz Strain is one for the connoisseur, as it may leave some users couchlock set in for an extended period of time. Buddha’s Hands Runtz.

Buddha’s Hands Runtz is a mostly-sativa indica strain that originates from the California Wine Country. This is a beautiful hybrid between the ever-popular Buddha’s Hand and runt nugs of several of Afghani plants, combining flavor and high with a short flowering time. The buds are sweet and tart, dusted in THC trichomes that pour out an aroma dripping with sweetness and fruitiness.

Buddha’s Hands Runtz Benefits.

Buddha’s Hands Runtz makes for a great daytime strain. Its blissful, creative high comes from its buds’ purple leaves and bright green pistils. This strain is best for treating conditions that cause pain, mood disturbances, or eating disorders.

It’s not every day that you see a beautiful strain of cannabis that is also a hand-sized and has the Buddha’s Hands name, so please be clear, this is a mindblowing Sativa-dominant hybrid with very unique characteristics. Although this plant will take a lot longer than usual to grow, she’s well worth the wait for the adventurous patient who wants more than just buding colas. Get ready for an uplifting and cerebral experience that is not only super tasty but also great for pain relief.

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Buddha’s Hands Runtz (SIN CITY DIRTY CASH) is a hybrid marijuana strain. This bud has an earthy pine like aroma and taste with a rough mellow high. Buddha’s Hands looks like a ball of hands and is covered in crystals. It gets its name from the Buddha-like appearance of its leaves and stems, which are densely coated in crystal resin. Buddha’s Hands strain produces highly resinous flowers that have a pungent odor laced with a slightly sweet smell of tropical fruit.

Buddha’s Hands’ common name comes from the way these buds look like little hands with all their fingers spread wide open. The slow onset of this strain’s high offers consumers a moderate cerebral buzz that eventually leads to intense full body relaxation that relieves pain and stress without creating or aggravating anxiety or paranoia.

Nothing can be more calming than to gaze upon these “Buddha’s Hands” buddha’s hand (sansevieria) is a plant that has yellow flowers on blooms that look like they have been dipped in molten gold. They are remarkably touchy plants, requiring only their favorite environment and then they will thrive. They make fascinating bonsai specimens and unlike any other bonsai with its long leaves that turn from light to dark green as they grow.

Buddha’s Hands Runtz
Buddha’s Hands Runtz

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