Bubba Kush Strain


Bubba Kush Strain is ideal to help relieve users from, anxiety depression, pain, loss of appetite, insomnia. Effects includes; euphoria, relax, sleep. Negative effects includes; Cotton mouth, sedated.



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Bubba Kush strain is one of the strongest cannabis strains around. Its name may sound familiar to some, and that is because it’s a very potent variation on the famed OG Kush. The genetics of Bubba Kush are difficult to pinpoint, but its powerful hybrid effects are undeniable. This bud has all the classic trichome-encrusted indica buds with dark green coloration and fat leaves that scream blueberry after curing.

But what makes this strain stand out from other indicas is its unbelievable resin production during and after flowering. The buds become so sticky that growers often need to wipe away excess resin lest it become too much for the stalks to hold up.

Bubba Kush is a hybrid strain that is great for socializing and unwinding. The Bubba Kush strain tends to have a higher THC content (15 – 20%) than most other strains Check out our Bubba Kush Strain now!

Bubba Kush Strain Benefits.

What is Bubba Kush? The Bubba Kush strain is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with powerful physical effects. This strain is named for its origins in California and for its distinctively “bubba-like” appearance and pungent aroma of fuel, chocolate, earth and hashish. Its THC content ranges from 15 percent on average to 20 percent or higher in the most highly cultivated varieties.

Bubba Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain that crosses the powerful OG Kush with the indica Bubba. With parent strains of this caliber, you know Bubba Kush is going to deliver impressive results. This strain has a sweet and earthy aroma with a piney, citrus taste. No matter what type of mood or situation you’re in, this hybrid strain will transform your day into a relaxing experience that’ll have you feeling euphoric and peaceful from head to toe.

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Bubba Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain that crosses the legendary Chemdawg with a landrace indica from Pakistan to produce a very powerful yet relaxing high. Bubba Kush emits a strong aroma of earthy fuel, coffee and chocolate making it easy to identify even before its visible sheen of trichomes give it away as well-grown bud. Bubba Kush tastes of rich coffee and cocoa with a hint of hazelnut on the exhale.

Its buds are dense and bulky, covered in long orange hairs, with dark olive green leaves surrounding fiery orange pistils. This bud won’t win any bag appeal awards; its stalks are thick and gnarled but don’t let that fool you! Bubba kush has been gaining popularity due to its powerful body effects – it’s perfect for those seeking physical comfort without sedation or couch lock.

Our Bubba Kush is a potent cannabis strain that can be useful in treating ailments like pain, nausea or depression. It has a strong, earthy flavor with notes of diesel and chocolate that should appeal to just about everyone! Bubba Kush was created by crossing G13 Haze and Big Bud with an Indica-dominant strain called Hindu Kush. This hybrid cannabis strain has a complex genetic structure, containing at least 50% indica plants. It provides users with a potent body high that’s both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

Bubba Kush Strain
Bubba Kush Strain

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