BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram




BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram is proud to offer a wide variety of cannabis products for our patients including a large selection of Distillates, the purest and cleanest form of cannabis oil available. Distillate comes in many different consistencies, which we refer to as profiles. All labeled products are tested by BODY’s medical director to ensure they meet and exceed California standards. The distillate is created with butane and other ingredients collected from the plant material post-processing. This method creates an oil that contains high levels of THC and CBD.

Life is too short to spend without the body high of BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram! If a strong, clear-headed body high is what you’re after, BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram is the perfect choice for you. Made from 100% pure cannabis extract, each bowl of this potent distillate offers a pleasant mouthfeel and an immediate rush. Try it out yourself with a small vaporizer pen or your favorite rig. BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram can be enjoyed alone or in combination with other strains, and is offered by WP Lab in ceramic bottle vials.


BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram strain-specific distillate is formulated to mimic the exact chemical profile of BODY Wookie Girl™ in cannabis flower. It can be added to any existing product, making it a great way to boost the potency of edibles or for dabbing and vaporizing with minimal odor and discoloration. Its high purity level also makes this isolate an appropriate choice for those who wish to completely eliminate residual solvents, pesticides, and other unnatural contaminants that are commonly found in BODY Wookie Girl™ flower.

Indica-dominant. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Wookie Girl is a combination of the award-winning White Walker OG and an AK-47 cross that gets its name from its potent, energetic high. These buds sport a dark green color with light purple undertones. They have an earthy pine aroma accented by deep orange tones. A smooth, herbal taste follows in the wake of a warming sensation that spreads through the mind and body to help ease muscle tension and stress. This distillate is extracted using BHO. It’s packaged as 1 gram in a pop top vape pen with magnetic adapter included.


BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram is a hybrid that has won many awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup. She grows like an Indica with dense and compact buds. BODY Wookie Girl produces hard and dark nugs, with burnt orange hairs and crystal-coated silvery-green leaves. This strain has perfectly balanced high, relaxing body effects that help you relax. Buy BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram online at Green Society today.

We’ve been growing our own medical-grade cannabis for over 10 years, so we decided to start distilling our own oils from flowers and leaves never before used. Our “Wookie” Distillate uses the finishes left after we extract THC into oil as well as stems, leaves, and sugar leaf material. It is one of the most potent oils you’ll find—using a proprietary chemical-free distillation process that results in an ultra-clean oil with all of the goodness of raw flowers.

BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram
BODY Wookie Girl (Indica) Distillate – 1 gram


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