Blueberry Strain


Blueberry Strain is ideal to help relieve users with troubling symptoms of stress, anxiety and PTSD.

  • Type: Indica
  • Genetics: Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai
  • Blueberry x Berry x Sweet
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Uplifted x Sleepy.


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The Blueberry strain is a cross of Big Bud and Northern Lights. A long-time favorite among growers, this Sativa-dominant hybrid has become one of California’s favorite strains due to its productivity, superb yield, and powerful effects. This strain produces dense clusters of flowers coated with a layer of sticky trichomes, lending to its sweet blueberry scent and taste.

If taste is the most important factor you should consider when choosing a strain, then Blueberry is among the top choices. The aroma of this strain combines the fragrance of ripe blueberries with sweet citrus hash to create an enticing blend. The terpene profile is a great example of how closely terpenes are related to taste and smell. Terpenes are what make up the essential oils in most plants and herbs, giving them their distinct flavors and fragrances. This blueberry variety has a 12:1 ratio of THC to CBD, making it a good choice for consumers who want to treat pain.

Blueberry Strain Benefits.

Blueberry Strain is a great strain for pain management. A few key benefits of this strain are relaxation and stress relief, as well as providing medical benefits including pain relief and appetite stimulation.

Blueberry is often used by patients to relieve nausea, and increase appetite and weight gain. The cannabinoid profile of this strain may also be beneficial to those with insomnia.

Blueberry cannabis is an Indica dominant hybrid that most patients prefer to smoke or vaporize. Blueberry is best enjoyed in the evening or at night. It provides a cerebral euphoria that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy. The strain’s indica effects make it ideal for those looking to wind down after a long day.

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Blueberry is a Sativa dominant strain and has a sweet taste of blueberry in its smoke while having a very potent effect. The aroma is almost of the same name, blueberry with a hint of sourness. This strain is recommended for daytime use because it won’t knock you out but still gets you up and moving. Makes consumers hungry even though there are no calories in the way.

Blueberry Strain
Blueberry Strain

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