Blueberry Haze Lollipop


Blueberry Haze Lollipop are a delicious and easy way to medicate a variety of ailments. Made from 100% Cannabis Hemp Oil this lollipop contains no THC and does not get you high.

  • Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, gum base, acids: citric acid, malic acid; hemp essential oil, humectant: glycerol, antioxidant: BHA, flavourings and colour: E-163


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Blueberry Haze lollipop takes the best of sweet and sour flavors and combines them into one savory treat. It’s a trip to your taste buds that are a cross between candy and fruit.

You will feel like you are in a candy store when you taste this delicious Blueberry Haze Lollipop. This sugar has the perfect fruit flavor and is a great change from your normal lollipop.

Take the lollipop challenge! Made with Blueberry Haze Terpenes, a lollipop coated in sugar and infused with Blueberry Haze Terpenes. These two pieces are attached by a string which can be pulled apart to enjoy the lollipop as if it were two treats. Blueberry Haze Terpenes contain bits of ripe blueberries to give this unique experience a fresh, fruity taste.

Blueberry Haze Lollipop Benefits.

Blueberry Haze is seductively sweet and tart, with a flavor boost of fruity blueberries. Excellent for those with a sweet tooth and a love of surprises, it brings together the two great flavors of blueberry and hazelnut in one tasty edible. Each lollipop is crafted using a cold-pour technique to achieve its delicious taste and individually wrapped in gorgeous metallic packaging.

Blueberry Haze Lollipops are a delicious treat served up in a colorful and fun vintage-inspired wrapper. Each one is crafted with a hefty dose of cured cannabis for an aromatic and smooth smoking experience. Available in five different strain-specific flavors, these hard candy lollipops deliver a Sativa-heavy dose of euphoria and creativity with each bite.

Blueberry Haze Lollipop For Sale.

We’re proud to bring you some of the most popular and delicious strains on the market in lollipop form. Each lollipop delivers full-bodied effects through a first-time experience that tastes discreet, portable, and delicious. Choose from Blueberry Haze, Cherry Diesel, and more!

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we all know the feeling of satisfaction after indulging in a sweet treat. And what better way to carry that feeling into your everyday life than through a Haze lollipop? A sweet reminder of the flavor that got you so hooked in the first place, this Blueberry Haze Candy will be your new go-to for when you’re craving something tangy and fruity.

Blueberry Haze Lollipop
Blueberry Haze Lollipop

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