Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds


Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds retains the flavor of the original mother plant and it is increased its efficiency as a result of the Afghan crossing. Buddha Cheese Feminized is a Sativa and Indica breed, 100% Indica THC Level High at 20% CBD (Medical)



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Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds is the combination of the most popular high quality weed strains in the world, namely Big Bud and Skunk #1. This marijuana seed strain is ideal for users who are looking for a fast growing and very potent plant. Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds produce a high that is more potent than you have ever experienced before.

Buddha Cheese Feminized has High Height Tall (60/200 cm – 23″/78″) Yield High (400 gr/m² – 14 oz/11ft²) Flowering period of 76 days Climate Sunny / mediterranean Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical purposes.

Big Buddha Cheese is a highly potent and medicinal cannabis strain bred by Big Buddha Seeds. This dank and delicious indica is a cross between Big Buddha Cheese and Sensi’s Skunk no1. Sporting dense buds with lots of purple hues, this strain carries a strong pungent cheese aroma, which is nearly irresistible to most growers. She will finish flowering in 8 weeks or less, yielding heavy harvests that are sure to satisfy even the most demanding marijuana connoisseur!

Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds Benefits.

Big Buddha Cheese is a Hybrid strain with a THC level that varies between 20% and 22%. This Indica dominant top-shelf plant comes from the Big Buddha Seeds crew, who created this beauty through the use of the Big Buddha Cheese male and the Big Buddha Cheese female. The buds of this strain are dense and heavy but still retain their fluffy nature. They tend to be light green but can vary depending on whether it was grown under LEDs or HPS lights.

Big Buddha Cheese is a very special variety of cannabis. Its origins were mated in Brazil, which is marked by a large number of beautiful redheads and a thick layer of resin with a deliciously sweet aroma. These genetics were brought to Holland in the early 80s, where they were cultivated again in order to improve the quality of this variety.

The seed breeders who work for Big Buddha Seeds have over 30 years of experience in breeding cannabis varieties and know exactly how to optimize their qualities. The result is a variety that yields well and has many medicinal properties but also produces buds with an extremely pleasant smell and taste

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Big Buddha Cheese is a cross of the Big Buddha’s Holy Grail and Big Buddha Cheese Skunk. This strain has a stinky cheese and caramel taste with a hint of fuel to it. It produces colas that are similar to her parents in structure but with an extra thick layer of frosting over the surface

Our Big Buddha Cheese Feminized seeds are perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. The yield from these cannabis seeds is exceptional, with a wide range available in terms of size, shape, and aroma. Purchase Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds Online today!

Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds
Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds

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