AK47 Feminized Seeds


AK47 Feminized Seeds is Hybrid with THC levels Around 20%, and GENETICS: (Thai x Afghani) x (Colombian x Mexican) APPEARANCE: AK-47 has dense nugs that shimmer with pristine trichomes and orange hairs.



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AK47 Feminized Seeds have an original and unique look and taste, which makes them a rare gem for growing marijuana. Creation of this hybrid was first performed in indoor conditions in the 1970s. It was crossed with three different strains to grab hold of the best features from each one. Every hit you take can be felt in your whole body for about 2 hours after that.

AK47 Feminized smells sweet, citrusy with a hint of skunk. BEST FOR TREATING: Pain, stress and depression. CREATED FEELINGS: Mellow high that is relaxing and long lasting. AK47 Feminized has a duration of Around 2 hours, SIMILAR STRAINS: Afwreck, Purple Diesel and Skunk #1.

AK47 is one of our most popular strains and has a loyal following who love the taste and effects this strain offers. AK47 Feminized Seeds produce plants that are very easy to grow, with all the classic features of a high quality AK47 strain. Vigorous plants with large central bud sites can yield up to 350 grams per square meter under optimum conditions.”

AK47 Feminized Seeds Benefits.

AK47 Feminized Seeds Benefits offer their own distinct flavor and aroma. The strain is known for its spicy, citrusy scent with hints of fruit and a smooth smoke that can relax or uplift depending on your mood. These flowers have a low THC count, but high CBD content making them ideal for medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain and inflammation due to stress among other symptoms.

AK47 Seeds are a hybrid strain that has gained popularity for its great taste and massive yields. This variety of marijuana provides a smooth euphoric buzz with a sweet grape scent that is sure to please your senses. As with all strains, AK47 will vary slightly in hand structure and flavor from grower to grower. When growing at home, the differences in personalities between each plant can be attributed to the effects of both soil conditions and environment

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AK47 Feminized Seeds
AK47 Feminized Seeds

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