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AK-48 Hashish is a top quality product from Amsterdam, hand-made with modern techniques, and passed down from generation to generation. It is made from imported Afghani cannabis and without any chemical additives or preservatives, just 100% pure and natural plant material. When smoked it has a great kick that makes you feel really happy.

It is a potent indica dominant hybrid strain. AK 48 is infamous for its intensely high THC content, an often reported to be in excess of 30%! This makes AK-48 a very effective medication for patients treating symptoms such as chronic pain and nausea. The THC levels also make this strain good for the treatment of muscle spasms, eating disorders, and insomnia.

AK-48 Hashish Benefits.

It is a well-known strain and most popular among smokers. The quality of this weed strain is very high and its content is top quality. This non-flowering plant contains about 40% THC content which makes feel/intoxicate your body parts minutes after smoking. This best AK 48 strain has lots of fan following around the globe, hence it is legal in many countries like Portugal, Northern Africa, and Eastern Europe.

It has the most powerful, energetic, and long-lasting effects of all the strains in the AK family. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want a strong high combined with physical relaxation.

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Our Hashish is one of the best hash products in the world. It is a pure quality product with high THC content, as well as containing CBD, CBN, and CBG. Buy AK-48 Hashish Online from cannabisgreenbuds.com, you will not be disappointed.

AK-48 Hash
AK-48 Hash


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