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Afghani Red Wrap Hash is a potent mix of the finest Afghani hash and compressed resin, wrapped in thin copper wire and hand twisted into a beautiful little stick. This hash is clean burning and extremely light on the lungs. It’s got a sweet aroma with earthy undertones that stay around for quite some time after the bowl has been enjoyed. The flavor of the smoke is complex and delicious, leaving an interesting introduction to those who may have never sampled this specie of herb before.

This Afghani Red Wrap Hash combines two different types of hashish, each with a distinct taste and effect. Created by channeling the flavours of two classic hash blends, this potent mix boasts rich earth tones, sweet floral notes and deep tones. This perfectly balanced blend will enhance your smoking experience.

Afghani Red Wrap Hash Benefits.

Afghani Red Wrap Hash Benefits is a high quality hash. It has a sweet, complex flavour that blends well with tobacco and essential oils making it a favourite among many enthusiasts. This hash is reddish in colour and comes in small pieces.

Afghani Red Wrap Hash is a variety of hashish that has many health benefits. Red Afghani Hash has been used medically for centuries and its curing properties are still relevant today. The Afghani Red variety is said to be one of the strongest types of hash out there, due to its high THC content (up to 28%). It’s perfect for people who are looking for a powerful indica strain that will give you an intense body high.

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Afghani Red is a 100% pure indica strain out of Afghanistan. The strain earned its name from the intense red hairs that blanket its flowers and buds. This Afghan hash has a sweet and earthy aroma that is sure to please! The Afghani Red Wrap is made with high-quality flower making it potent enough to cure pain and stress as well as promote physical and mental relaxation.

Our Afghani Red Wrap Hash Benefits is an extremely potent form of hashish with a sweet and spicy, earthy flavour. It has a light amber colour with red/brown, orangish-yellow hues. Perhaps one of the most famous forms of hash is called Afghani Red – it is hand made without the use of any modern machinery or chemicals. The making methods involved in the production of this type have remained unchanged for centuries. A mixture of different types and varieties of cannabis plants are used, like Nepalese Temple balls, Kashmiri Gold and Afghan Kush. The mixture is finely chopped up and pressed together into blocks which will later be formed into sticks or cones for smoking.

Afghani Red Wrap Hash
Afghani Red Wrap Hash

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