.5g Kimbo Kush Pre Rolls – 5 Pack



Buy .5g Kimbo Kush Pre Rolls – 5 Pack Online.

.5g Kimbo Kush Pre Rolls – 5 Pack. Pre rolled joints are the perfect way to save time and money, letting you get more from your flower by saving time and effort. Pre-rolled joints provide a smooth smoking experience every time.

Your recreational needs just got a lot more convenient with the 1.5g Kimbo Kush Pre Rolls – 5 Pack! This fine collection of medical-grade cannabis products contains five delicious prerolls packed with an unexpectedly potent punch. Made in California and manufactured under strict lab conditions, these pre-rolled joints feature an award-winning sativa strain known as Kimbo Kush.

.5g Kimbo Kush Pre Rolls – 5 Pack Benefits.

Looking to enjoy your favorite strain of flower without worrying about the cost? This 5 pack of .5g Kimbo Kush Pre-Rolls is the ideal solution for you! Each pre-roll is made with 100% India and has a smooth taste that is perfect for any occasion.

These rolls are perfect to use as a joint or blunt wrap. These pre-rolled cones are made with a premium flower that is cured and hand trimmed, then wrapped in a cone shape using hemp paper. This method of packing allows the smoke to filter through the cone evenly while maintaining a firm draw. These can be used with any flower of your choosing, but they were specially designed to use with strains high in CBD like our Pink Kush family of strains.

.5g Kimbo Kush Pre Rolls – 5 Pack For Sale | Cannabisgreenbuds.

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.5g Kimbo Kush Pre Rolls - 5 Pack
.5g Kimbo Kush Pre Rolls – 5 Pack


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