Cannabis plants grow �?? just like other plants �?? from seeds. A seed is the basis of all life. They can be sown in the ground and they will grow into a plant, which will eventually produce buds and flowers. The male plant produces pollen sacs that contain the pollen that pollinates the female plant. The pollen is what will actually give you a high. It is a very fine powder that looks like yellow dust, or kief, if you have it in your stash box somewhere. Marijuana plants also known as cannabis sativa, contain cannabinoids which are compounds we know for sure act on certain receptors in the brain. If you smoke or ingest this plant, these compounds attach to those receptors, and send signals to other parts of the brain where GABA, dopamine and serotonin (and two others) all make their home. The signal is sent out; to calm down, feel happy, eat more food perhaps? weed effects depend heavily on your genes, environment and amount of weed taken usually It depends on your genes whether you are susceptible to addiction or not; if not then there�??s no need to be afraid of this drug. There are different types of cannabis strains that can be used for medicinal purposes- Cannabis Ind

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