Marijuana Shatter and Wax

Shatter or wax is a marijuana concentrate. These products are extracted from cannabis and contain high levels of THC, making them more potent than marijuana flowers and leading to quicker intoxication. Shatters and waxes are typically viscous, with a texture similar to lip balm, and there is usually little to no odor associated with these products. Unlike marijuana flowers, concentrates are usually consumed using a wax pen or oil rig, using a small amount at a time.

We are one of the few suppliers in North America to carry authentic, high-grade marijuana shatter and wax. We pride ourselves in the strains that we carry. Our marijuana products are of the highest quality and purity, guaranteed! Shatter is a type of purified trichome resin that is most commonly made by exposing a concentrated form of cannabis extract to a solvent such as butane (pure). This process also results in a honey-like substance or “honeycomb,” which contains the same ingredients found in herbal cannabis, including cannabinoids such as THC and terpenes. Our shatter will never disappoint you.

How is shatter different from wax?

Differences: Shatter vs Wax Both shatter and wax are similar in that they are both highly concentrated extracts, however, shatter contains a much higher percentage of cannabinoids (the chemical compounds that give the cannabis plant its wonderful health benefits). Because shatter has such a high percentage of cannabinoid extract, it is far more potent than your average dab.

Shatter vs Wax Marijuana Concentrates: The Four Major Differences – Can you imagine a life without THC? No, we can’t either. However, there are two major types of marijuana concentrates on the market: shatter and wax. Both deliver a potent experience for the user but the effects and the taste vary quite a bit between the two.

Does shatter get you higher than wax?

In recent years, concentrated cannabis wax has started to replace flowers in the cannabis industry for a number of practical reasons. Its main use is for ingestion of cannabinoids. To get a more potent high, users inhale their dabs, making it easy to consume an amount that previously would have been burned or wasted through smoking flowers, it gets you higher than wax by evaporating faster and thus placing more THC within your lungs, as opposed to your stomach lining.

Shatter is an extract from cannabis. It’s basically super-dried, highly concentrated resin. So it’s basically pure THC in a format that lets you consume it much faster and more efficiently than smoking flower. Shatter is typically produced with butane, which is why it can be dangerous or hazardous to consume. But this new product from Sweet Grass Kitchen has all the raw materials soaked in absolutely pure, 100 percent organic hemp seed oil. So there’s no butane at all in this shatter, unlike most of the other products on the market today.”

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