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Cannabis Green Buds online medical marijuana dispensary is a private, securely run and fully regulated online cannabis store that offers its customers low price, high quality medical cannabis products. Our marijuana is of the finest grade with various of strains for all type of users. Cannabis Green Buds professionals are always there for educate and help our valued customers. Our staff provides personal assistance through health specialists to ensure that each client can find an effective and appropriate treatment.

The Cannabis Green Buds Dispensary store offers a variety of marijuana products. Our live feed provides customers with a no-hassle way to purchase cannabis products.

CannabisGreenBuds.com is the finest Medical Marijuana store for your Cannabis needs. We provide highest quality medical marijuana smokes, edibles and concentrates at the most affordable prices. Browse through our catalog of over 500 medicinal marijuana related products at our online store for purchasing.

CannabisGreenBuds.com is one of the pioneering online dispensaries, operating since 2009 and trusted by thousands of customers. We started in 2009 as a small operation with one brick and mortal store following the change in law in our country which allowed medicinal cannabis to be used by patients. Since then we have grown with you and are continuing to provide the best quality products at affordable prices. Our huge selection, great prices, fast delivery and discreet shipping has made us the premier online dispensary in globally!


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Each product has detailed information including showing complete strain profiles