APIs and API Design with Python

This dissertation is considered to be the bible in the web domain. REST is not a standard or protocol; it is more like a software architectural style. Many engineers follow this architectural style to build their applications, such as eBay, Facebook, and Google Maps. These web applications serve python api design huge amounts of traffic every second, so you can see that REST really is a scalable architecture style. And when we say RESTful API, we are referring to an API that conforms to the REST constraints/principles. The mega-tutorial got me up and running with flask, and this one is nice as well.

✅ DO accept an optional api_version keyword-only argument of type string. If specified, the provided api version MUST be used when interacting with the service.

Activity 2: Implement and Test the delete_recipe Function

If you’re interested in web application development, learning FastAPI will put you ahead of the curve. To get comfortable with the framework, we suggest you dive deeper into the framework and work on some projects. ✅ DO provide keyword-only arguments that override per-request policy options. The name of the parameters MUST mirror the name of the arguments provided in the client constructor or factory methods.

python api design

Next you will learn how to set up testing for the application using the pytest library. You’ll setup a test database and perform a good number of integration tests. Flask also allows APIs to be organized in modules for more complex APIs that comprise multiple endpoints. With Flask, you can customize every aspect of your application by adding custom fields and inputs based on your data type. REST is an architectural style, and an approach to communications that is often used in the development of Web services. The use of REST is often preferred over the more heavyweight SOAP style because REST does not leverage as much bandwidth, which makes it a better fit for use over the Internet.

Top 8 Python web frameworks

To confirm that Python installed successfully, first open the command line. In macOS, click the spotlight icon on the top right corner of your desktop and type terminal. The terminal should be the first application that appears. On Windows, click the Start menu icon and type cmd in the search box, then press Enter. To download Python, follow this link, select the button that says Download Python 3.x.x, and then run the installer as you normally would to install applications on your operating system. Microsoft’sREST API Guidelinesare a detailed set of considerations for when you are building your own APIs that you want to be easily-consumable by other developers. REST Hooks is an open source Python project that makes it easier to implement subscription-based “REST hooks”.

  • ✅ DO include the example code snippets in your library’s docstrings so they appear in its API reference.
  • While the API outlined in this lesson uses some REST principles, there is a great deal of disagreement around this term.
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  • ☑️ YOU SHOULD prefer raising existing exception types from the azure-core package over creating new exception types.
  • For example, don’t rely on variable declarations in other samples.
  • These REST hooks are similar to webhooks, but provide a different mechanism for subscribing to updates via a REST interface.
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