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For a microcontroller, this could be achieved by preventing internal flash from being read out. For a microprocessor, this could be achieved by encrypting external flash. The range and type of attacks against hardware are constantly evolving. Code readout bypasses, differential power analysis, and active fault injection have only really become mainstream in the last 5 years. The threat landscape that embedded devices operate in is hugely varied. For example, an internet connected oven that never leaves the home and contains minimal sensitive data is very different to a smartphone. It is vital that devices, software, and documentation all contribute to a secure-by-default configuation.

The parties higher up the supply chain have little motivation to spend time and effort on security. Many IoT products have extremely complex software supply chains, with multiple stages between the application developer and the silicon vendor. Silicon vendors can assist in this area by providing ready-made implementations that suit most applications. ITcertify understand every student is unique and learns at a different pace. Our Flashcards and Educational Games are engineered to keep you engaged and 100% focused by providing a bit more fun to learning.

Information Management and Data Security

Frequently, devices are white-labelled from one company, manufactured by another, and running code developed Linux Hardening and Security Lessons by yet another. This has increased the length of the software supply chain significantly.

Linux Hardening and Security Lessons

A real-time operating system such as FreeRTOS or VxWorks, providing tasks and memory management. The section covers the operating system, libraries, and application running on the device.

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Some devices should provide functionality for authorised parties to unlock previously locked devices. Class-wide keys – despite advice to the contrary, it is common to find key material that is common across an entire class of device. Intellectual property – many embedded systems must make real-time decisions, and hence contain sensitive intellectual property. Provide guidance for integrating the upgrade mechanism into applications to allow for automated firmware upgraded. Provide a firmware update mechanism that allows downloads over a secure and authenticated channel, potentially over a lossy communication medium. Not all devices have the capability for their firmware to be upgraded safely over-the-air.

Provide libraries and application notes for using secure crypto elements as an alternative. In many cases, it is possible for a microcontroller to store data on internal flash or EEPROM memory with relatively strong protection afforded by simple memory read/write protection. A cryptographically secure pseudo random number generator should be provided to allow entropy to be drawn at a faster rate. Hardware random number generators should be available on nearly all devices. Most sources of true entropy limit the rate at which entropy can be drawn.

NSA & CISA Kubernetes Security Guidance – A Critical Review

These topics will be covered from a ground up perspective so that even inexperienced students will be able to follow. IT security is the fastest growing IT sector and its importance is recognised by every company. Are there more indicators of compromise than the contents of RAM and harddisks? And it may be vital stuff that it either lost on the suspect systems due to adversary activity or wasn’t there to begin with.

  • CIFS clients, CIFS Unix Extensions, CIFS security modes , mapping and handling of CIFS ACLs and SIDs in a Linux system.
  • It is exceptionally rare for a silicon vendor to honestly discuss the threat models that have been used to develop these chips, and how they can be applied to real products.
  • The previous webinar covered the basic, agnostic technique of acquiring persistent storage with raw device access and standard copying tools.
  • One example is represented by crucial log messages that are now only present on a central loghost.
  • Hands on sessions are used throughout to allow delegates to consolidate their new skills.
  • Allow for multiple firmware images to prevent devices being bricked in the field.
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